Mother's Day is here - Doterra Precious Florals Collection Amazing pack!

Mother's Day is here - Doterra Precious Florals Collection Amazing pack!

Your Mum is one of a kind..and so its this limited natural perfume roller set out from Doterra which includes the new Blue Lotus!
The doTERRA Precious Florals Collection includes five 4mL roll-on bottles of the most alluring essential oils. Blended with Fractionated Coconut Oil they are beautiful to wear and enjoy as a single fragrance or you can layer them, allowing you to mix and match and find the combination to complement your mood for any occasion.

Find out more about each of the oils in our Precious Florals Collection;

Rose Touch

The sweet floral aroma of Rose is the quintessence of romance. Use to enjoy its uplifting and romantic scent.

Jasmine Touch

Associated with fascination and love, Jasmine is prized for its highly fragrant aroma, ideal to use as a personal fragrance throughout the day. Uplifting to the senses it is intensely floral, warm, sweet, musky and exotic.

Neroli Touch

Neroli essential oil emits a rich, floral scent, with citrusy overtones. Try inhaling Neroli essential oil while commuting to or from work and set the tone for peak hour travel!

Magnolia Touch

Nearly 100 million years old, the Magnolia Flower is sourced from China and comes from the flowers of the Magnolia tree. The aroma itself is sweet, fruity and exotic and as a personal fragrance provides a comforting aroma.

Blue Lotus

The Blue Lotus flower represents longevity, honour and good luck. Sumptiously provocative and incredibly alluring the Blue Lotus essential oil aroma is like a tidal wave of sweet, floral aromatic pleasure.
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