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doTERRA Roam Portable USB Diffuser

doTERRA Roam Portable USB Diffuser

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doTERRA® Roam diffuser

With this limited edition doTERRA® Roam diffuser, you can enjoy the benefits of doTERRA® essential oils wherever you are. Whether on a long commute, in traffic, traveling on holiday or at your desk at work, the Roam has the power to transform your space and experience.

Use it on holiday to clear stale energies from your hotel room or apartment, or use it at your desk at work to purify the air, kill germs and protect you from colds easily circulated by work space air conditioning. With its USB adapter it simply plugs into your computer.

A versatile, portable diffuser, the Roam’s understated sleek design fits most vehicle cup holders. It can run continuously or intermittently on 60ml of water and even has low and high mist settings.

Small and compact, it can fit in your handbag or work bag and is very light to carry.

USB cable included but the wall adapter plug is not included.

Dimensions: 15cm x 7cm.
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