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Banksia Seed Pod Medium + Doterra Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Oil *Free Post*

Banksia Seed Pod Medium + Doterra Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Oil *Free Post*

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**Uniquely Australian - Great gift bundle**

Banksia Seed Pod Medium + Doterra  Eucalpytus Oil

Banksia seed pod from Australia hand crafted.

This hand-made Banksia aroma scent pod is crafted from the iconic and uniquely Australian Banksia seed pod.  They are a great natural freshener for any space and can be filled with 3-4 drops of any pure essential oil. 

Treated with eucalyptus oil for transport. You can change the fragrance by adding your own essential oil instead of topping up with Eucalyptus. Wait for the Eucalyptus to completely dissipate and add whatever you choose.  This can be done over and over again!

Eucalyptus - the scent of the Australian bush, purifying, antibacterial, relaxing and promotes clear breathing.

Rose Geranium - Soothing and stress-relieving aroma, calming.

Lemongrass - Antimicrobial, natural insect repellent, helps soothe headaches and tension. Fresh aroma.

Lavender - Light powdery floral aroma. Promotes restful sleep and relaxation. Great for linen closets.
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